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Cloudcha Matcha 100g


Cloudcha Matcha is a ceremonial grade matcha sourced from the highest quality green tea leaves in the home of matcha; Uji, Japan. The leaves are grown in the shade for optimum protection, then handpicked and ground into a fine powder. This process ensures the matcha powder retains the abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants green tea leaves contain. Its full body yet smooth taste and gentle release of energy makes Cloudcha Matcha the perfect morning ritual or afternoon energiser.

Use our 100g sachet as your home staple or take it on a long trip when you just can’t be without Cloudcha!

*Our refill pouch is sold as a standalone pouch and it does not include the drum packaging as sold with our 30g sachet. 


100 % ceremonial grade green tea matcha from Uji Japan


Our love for matcha transcends its taste; it’s about the rituals and the sense of serenity it bring into our lives, starting each day right. Our mission is to inspire and share our passion, so everyone can experience it in the way we have.

Join us and let’s make a matcha made in heaven…

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