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a matcha made in heaven...


Matcha is a fine green tea powder packed with an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is loved across the world for its smooth taste, gentle release of energy and countless health benefits.

Derived from Uji, Kyoto in Japan and served for decades, matcha was originally used to sharpen the focus and clarity during meditation. It became an integral part of Japanese tea ceremonies, a symbol of harmony, respect and tranquility.

The ritual’s emphasis on mindfulness and the art of preparation elevated matcha beyond a beverage to a meditative practice. This history continues to inspire moments of self-care and inner balance today.


Unlike coffee’s quick surge and subsequent crash, matcha contains caffeine and an amino acid called L-Theanine creating calm sustained energy, allowing you to conquer your day with a centered and focused mind.

Matcha goes above and beyond the ordinary. It will awaken your senses with its full bodied flavour, soft release of energy and nourishing boost of antioxidants leaving you on cloud nine.

Caffeine without the crash, a high without the jitters.




Our love for matcha transcends its taste; it’s about the rituals and the sense of serenity it brings into our lives, starting each day right. Our mission is to inspire and share our passion, so everyone can experience it in the way we have.

Join us and let’s make a matcha made in heaven…



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